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by Handy Gourmet
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TwistEase is the 4 in one tool that lets you twist open jars, pop open bottles, pull open cans, and unscrew plastic bottles
  • Adjusts to any jar or bottle size
  • Magnet sticks it to your refridgerator

Product Description

Every kitchen should have a TwistEase! As seen on TV, the TwistEase helps you open jars, bottles, and even those flip top cans.

TwistEase 4 in 1 Opener makes life easier by helping you get tops off many containers. Sized so that even those of us with limited mobility can easily open things, it even has a magnet so you can keep it handy.
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TwistEase Reviews

TwistEase Reviews

4 star rating by on 05/18/2017

Great little kitchen utensil! Really a BIG HELP to me! Love the attached magnets for use on fridge door also!

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1 star rating by on 02/15/2017

Does not work

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2 star rating by on 10/27/2017

It is hard to use, it's not very strong. I have a medical condition with my hands and got it for that purpose, but does not work that great.

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