Welcome to the Official site of As Seen On TV, Inc. - America's Home for TV Products! All products are guaranteed in stock and ready to ship same or next day, and we have have a ton of items you won't find anywhere else!

For many years, the direct response industry was fragmented and the online buying process was cumbersome and frustrating for buyers. We wanted to change that, and launched the As Seen On TV Live site to unify the industry and give shoppers a single destination for their favorite genuine TV products, plus hundreds of other items.

With a focus on family, fun, and value, we've created a unified, customer-centric shopping platform that helps our customers find the product they want.

Why buy direct from As Seen On TV, Inc.

We launched this site as a "reboot" of the way TV products are sold online, with all of our products available from one website no matter where they're shipping from. That means no more "Where's my order?" phone calls, no hidden shipping charges, no jumping through hoops to remove unwanted items from your order, and no trouble returning items you aren't happy with. We've simplified the process from top to bottom.

With all of your favorite products in one place, there's no reason to hunt down the stand-alone product sites advertised on TV.

Corporate Office

As Seen On TV, Inc.
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Fairfield, NJ 07004
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