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As Seen On TV Return Policy

Our Return policy was updated Mar 1, 2018. Read below to see how this affects you.

We offer several new features for automating returns, refunds, and exchanges, including:

  • The ability to cancel an order and receive a full refund before the item has shipped.
  • The ability to cancel portions of an order and receive a partial refund while still receiving other items in the order.
  • The ability to initiate an RMA.
  • Free return shipping for the first 15 days after ordering (we'll provide you with a shipping label).
  • Any charges will be refunded automatically once the returned items are received.

What can be returned?

All items that have not yet shipped can be canceled for an immediate and full refund.

Once an item has shipped, unless otherwise indicated, most items on our site can be returned within 15 days for a full refund. Exceptions include:

  • Food prep items.
  • Clothing, bedding, wearable, or hair-removal items.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Holiday-specific items (such as Christmas decorations) can only be returned up to one week prior to the Holiday.
  • Clearance items are non returnable.

In most cases, there's no need to contact customer service - if an item is eligible for a prepaid return, the option to generate the return shipping label will appear automatically. If you don't see an option to generate a return label, then the item is not eligible for a prepaid return, however you can still contact customer service and initiate an RMA. We'll always accept returns for unopened items for up to 30 days (excluding clearance items), we just only cover the cost of return shipping for the first 15 days.

Retail and Third Party Items

Our return policies apply only to products purchased from this website, Products purchased from other websites and in retail stores cannot be returned or exchanged from this site.

What is your address for returning an item?

Our products ship from more than 30 different warehouses, so where a return will be sent will depend on where the products originally shipped from. If the order is eligible for a prepaid return label, it will automatically be filled out with the correct return address. If not, customer service will tell you where to ship the items.


Need to return an item?

No problem. You can create a pre-paid return shipping label online and we'll refund your purchase as soon as we receive it!

Sign in to your account to view your order history and follow the instructions to create a return label.

Initiating a Return

Step 1: Sign In

Scroll to the top of the page and click the My Account link to sign in. If you're already signed in, you'll see your first name in this spot instead.

Sign In


Step 2: Find your Order

Click the Order History link from within the Account area and find the order containing the items you want to return.


Step 3: Initiate RMA

Click the I need to return or exchange an item link.


If you don't see the link to generate a return label, your order is not ligible for prepaid return shipping.

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