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Aqua Globe Mini

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Never leave plants without water again with Aqua Globes Mini.
  • Hand Blown Glass Watering Globes
  • Waters Efficiently up to 2 WEEKS
  • Easy to USE Waters Plants For You

Product Description

Never leave plants unwatered again with Aqua Globes Minis the hand-blown glass plant watering bulb! Aqua Globes as seen on TV water plants efficiently for up to 2 weeks. Easy to use - just fill and insert into soil, waters plants as needed. Provided exact amount of water every time! Set of 3.
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Aqua Globe Mini Reviews

Aqua Globe Mini Reviews

Aqua Globe Mini
4 star rating by on 09/08/2015

I bought the mini aqua globes on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised with them. Water is dispensed slowly into the soil guaranteeing that the roots will get water and it all won't run out of the bottom. I found that if you just stick the globe in the soil, water seeps in slowly. If you put a hole in the soil first and then stick the globe in the hole, water seems to go out of the globe quicker. This isn't good if you're going on vacation and want your plants watered slowly. So just stick it in the soil without making a hole. The mini globes are a good size for houseplants that are in pots with a diameter of 6 inches or more. The only drawback is the globes are made of glass and can break, so be careful when handling them.Aqua Globes Mini- Set of 3

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Aqua Globe Mini
5 star rating by on 09/06/2015

As a previous reviewer had pointed out, it is important that you do not try to make a hole in the soil before you put these in (even though on the actual product instructions, it tells you to do so), the reason is because the water will come out much more quickly this way, as I found out. Just directly insert these in the soil, granted you will need to use some care as these are made out of glass. And also as some have brought up, these will be a bit too big for anything that's less than 6in diameter - it might tip over and break, unless the planter is made out of ceramic and can support the weight of the globe w/water inside. They are very pretty and just the right size if you have some small house plants - I'm currently using these while on vacation since I didn't want to bother people to come over just to water my few plants!

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