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Callous Clear

by Telebrands
5 52 rating stars     4 reviews

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Make your feet smooth and healthy with no mess.
  • Includes 1 Bottle of Softener Gel and Foot Balm
  • Includes 4 Foot Patches
  • Includes File

Product Description

Callous Clear is the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with no mess! Just apply the Callous Clear callous softening cream to the special callous removal patch, place the self-sticking patch on the calloused area and RELAX as it softens and moisturizes your feet.

Callous Clear penetrates into the hard, calloused areas, softening and lifting so that, in just MINUTES, the calluses peel away with EASE! Then, simply file for a smooth, soft finish and apply the soothing Callous Clear heel balm. After just one application, your feet will be BABY SOFT
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Callous Clear Reviews

Callous Clear Reviews

Callous Clear
5 star rating by on 04/02/2017

Callous Clear is the best product I have ever used on my dry cracked heels. It comes with 4 patches to go on your heels. You apply Softener Gel on the patch, then apply the sticky part of the patch to your heels. Allow to stay on for about 10 minutes, then gently remove patch from foot. Callous Clear also comes with a great device that is like a scraper and pumice stone all in one. One side to scrape off the dead skin and the other rough side to touch up places on the foot. Not only the 4 patches, the softener Gel, the two in one scraper/pumice stone, but the kit also includes a tube of foot balm to use after the callous removing process, so your feet stay moisturized!! I promise if you would try it once, you would be using Callous Clear every 2 weeks; especially in the summer!!!! It makes my dry cracked heels so smooth and soft!!! Try it!!!

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Callous Clear
5 star rating by on 03/24/2018

Incredible! My feet are so smooth

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Callous Clear
5 star rating by on 07/08/2017

very easy to use

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Callous Clear
5 star rating by on 10/18/2018

Awesome product

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