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Dr. Grosso Back Relief Belt
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Dr. Grosso Back Relief Belt

by Dr. Grosso
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Inflatable Custom Lumbar Support Belt
  • Adjustable straps for custom fit
  • Fits up to 37" Waist
  • Use Hot or Cold Packs

Product Description

Dr. Grosso's Back Relief Belt makes every chair your favorite chair

Your air adjustable Back Relief Belt provides you with custom lumbar support when you need it. With just a few simple pumps you can create the perfect amount of support and cushion, wherever you sit, guaranteed! It's perfect for travel, providing support and soothing relief.

Includes a 12-page Guide to Pain Free Back by Dr. Grosso.

Support your lower back by wearing this belt beneath or above your clothing. Its built-in, adjustable pump creates a pillow-like effect, helping decrease pressure to make sitting more comfortable. Designed with an air-release valve.


Adjustable air pocket inflate with a few pumps

Straps adjust to fit up to 37" waist size

Hot and cold packs can be inserted into the back of the belt for soothing comfort

Medium fits up to 37" waist

Large fits 37" to 53" waist

Note: The 2 freezer and microwave-safe hot/cold packs ARE NOT included.
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Dr. Grosso Back Relief Belt Reviews

Dr. Grosso Back Relief Belt Reviews

Dr. Grosso Back Relief Belt
4 star rating by on 11/07/2016

Leakage issues, but work when they hold air

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Dr. Grosso Back Relief Belt
1 star rating by on 12/31/2017

Definitely not as pictured. Much more narrow than shown. When it arrived it doesn't inflate,

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