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by Sashco

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The tough elastic sealant for every job! Lexel is the "duct tape" of all caulks.
  • Forms a Paintable Waterproof SEAL
  • Super Elastic for EVERY JOB
  • Superior Adhesion

Product Description

Lexel by Sashco is the tough elastic sealant for every job! Lexel is the "duct tape" of all caulks. Super-elastic. Superior adhesion. Paintable. It seals around anything: tubs and shower stalls, sinks and counter tops, window frames and door frames, PVC and metal pipes.

Apply to wet or dry surfaces, indoors and outdoors. It's tough and can handle up to 400% joint movement. It's scrubbable. It sticks to just about anything. Lexel clear caulk is 19 times clearer than silicone and won't yellow or cloud up over time. Lexel won't let you down.Includes 1 Lexel Clear Cartridge 10.5 oz., 2 Lexel Clear Squeeze Tubes 5 oz., 2 Beading Tools.
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Lexel Reviews

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