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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp
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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

by Elah International
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Now you dont have to spend a lot of time trying to put your necklace on or getting someone to help you.
  • Attaches to any necklace
  • Includes 3 Bonus 1" Extenders
  • Super strength magnetic grip

Product Description

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp w/ Bonus 3 inch Extenders. This clever clasp means you don't have to spend a lot of time trying to put on your necklace, or getting someone to help you with it!

Even if you have long nails, have trouble seeing, or difficulty reaching back to hook your necklace, now you can look stunning in seconds with just a click. The super-strength magnets are guaranteed to grip and never slip!

2 x silver magnetic clasp
2x gold magnetic clasp
1 x gold 3" extender
1 x silver 3" extender
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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp Reviews

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp Reviews

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp
1 star rating by on 09/23/2016

I could not get the megnetic clasp a part

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