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Mister Steamy
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Mister Steamy

by Allstar

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Turns dryer into a wrinkle releasing machine!
  • Eliminates ironing!
  • Just add water and toss into dryer!
  • Works on all fabrics!

Product Description

Set of 2 Dryer Balls With The Power Of Steam!

Watch slacks and dresses come out looking sleek and fluffy soft...sheets and pillowcases become "hotel smooth." This is no ordinary dryer ball. It uses the power of steam to release wrinkles, reduce static and soften all your clothes the easy way. Simply fill the 11" ball with water and toss in your dryer. As the dryer heats up, the ball heats up and releases steam, turning your dryer into a wrinkle-releasing machine. No more ironing or wasting money on fabric softeners and dryer sheets!
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Mister Steamy Reviews

Mister Steamy Reviews

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