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Pasta N More

by Emson
5 56 rating stars     3 reviews

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5 in 1 perfect pasta cooker
  • Measure, cook, drain and serve all in one pot
  • Nonstick so clean up is quick
  • Perfect pasta every time

Product Description

animationChef Tony's Pasta N More, the 5 in 1 pasta cooker makes cooking perfect pasta easy. The convenient all-in-one design allows you to measure, cook, drain, serve in just one container.

Just place pasta, add water, microwave and serve. It's that simple. Perfect temperature technology instantly heats water to the exact cooking temperature so there's no under or over cooking just perfect pasta every time. Cook delicate pasta without tears or rips.

With integrated measuring handles and large capacity pot cook a little or a lot.

Has cool touch handles and is BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

The Pasta N More is great for cooking corn on the cob, poaching eggs, or add the steaming rack for steamed shrimp, fish veggies or more.

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Pasta N More Reviews

Pasta N More Reviews

Pasta N More
5 star rating by on 02/03/2018

I love this product. No big pots, or waiting for the water to boil, then waiting for the noodles to cook. 20 minutes and your done!!!!

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Pasta N More
5 star rating by on 12/05/2019

I have been using this for over a year and it makes perfect pasta every time.

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Pasta N More
2 star rating by on 01/18/2018

Don't see that this item saves much time for cooking. Tried cooking veggies on the top and bottom racks at the same time and found the top finished cooking while the bottom rack food remained cool. Cooks if you're not in a hurry. Looks like it might work okay for storage

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