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Silver Sonic XL
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Silver Sonic XL

by Bell + Howell
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The personal sound amplifier from Bell & Howell lets you amplifying sounds up to 90 feet away!
  • Amplifies sounds up to 90 feet away
  • Looks like a bluetooth headset
  • Never miss out on a conversation, game or TV show ever again

Product Description

The Bell and Howell Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TV has the ability to give you sonic hearing, easily amplifying sounds up to 90 feet away.

Never miss out on a conversation, game or TV show ever again. Small and lightweight, it looks like a wireless cell phone earpiece so no one will know you have sonic hearing. Silver Sonic XL's flexible ear mount easily adjusts to fit all ear shapes and sizes. Plus, the convenient volume control lets you easily control the intensity and volume of your Silver Sonic XL so you can set the level right where you want it.

Silver Sonic XL is a personal sound amplifier that provides up to 50db of sound amplification. It's very discreet and resembles a cell phone earpiece, so you no longer have to hide it. Flexible ear hook easily adjusts to fit all ear shapes and sizes and converts for right / left ear wear. Silver Sonic XL is equipped with a HI/LOW Switch to vary the sound intensity and a Volume Control to adjust the level to your individual needs. You will get a up to 14 hours of continuous use with 2 button cell batteries, included. Ideal for conversations, lectures, theater, hiking, sporting events, watching TV and more. Small and lightweight, discreet, looks like cell phone ear adapter. Adjustable volume control, flexible and comfortable, fits left and right ear. 3 soft tips helps insure comfortable fit, amplifies sounds up to 90 feet away. 2 button cell batteries, included.
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Silver Sonic XL Reviews

Silver Sonic XL Reviews

Silver Sonic XL
5 star rating by on 09/02/2015

I bought this little device to use on family road trips and it exceeded all my expectations. My kids are a bit spoiled and are used to having about 80 movies available on their iPad's in the house via iTunes Sharing from my main HTPC . We travel 6 to 8 times a year and I wanted to find a way to bring their movies with us as the internal flash storage on the iPad is very limited and they quickly tire of the same 2 movies I can squeeze on there. Our most recent trip was a 10 day vacation so I really wanted a way to bring their movies with us before we left. My equipment setup: RAVPower RP-WD02 2TB Western Digital Elements USB 3.0 portable hard drive Verizon 4G LTE MiFi 4 x Apple iPad 2 x iPhone 5 Setup for the device was really simple. I downloaded the free app from the App Store, and was able to configure the networking portion of the device very easily. The built in web server will let you do it as well. It recognized my WD portable...

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Silver Sonic XL
5 star rating by on 09/01/2015

Get the best of all words with the handy little RavPower File Hub. Imagine being share your music,videos, photo and files from a micro SD card, any external hard drive or USB flash drive to any smartphones and tablet devices any places and anytime. But wait, this RP-WD01 is not just a regular file hub for streaming media. If you are frequent traveler you can take this little monster with you on the road. It works great for travel/access point, so you can get instant wireless from any hotel or conference room where are network already exist. But wait there's more things this little monster can do. If your smart phone or tablet gone out of juice you can use this to charge it and this battery equip with 6000mAh which is unbelievable for its size. Just so you know that this can at least 2 full charge to the battery life of most mobile phones. This little monster has NAS and DLNA support for third party applications such as MirageDLNA and BubbleUPNP for Android and For NAS it...

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