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Sticky Sheets
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Sticky Sheets

by Sticky Sheets

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Easily removes pet hair from furniture - just stick it, rip it, and done!
  • Great for furniture and upholstry
  • Picks up pet hair, lint, and dirt
  • Reusable

Product Description

Sticky Sheets Pet Hair Removal Sheets as seen on TV!

Just stick it! Rip it! Done! Since the dawn of time, people have vacuumed, wrapped tape around their hands, gone through multiple lint rollers, and even used tweezers to remove the pet hair from their furniture or car seats. Hours and hours are spent every week attempting to stay ahead of the hairy mess their beloved pets leave behind. Not anymore with Sticky Sheets! The fastest, easiest method for removing pet hair, lint and dirt. Simply peel off the back tab, stick the sheet to the top of the item to be cleaned, peel off the rest of the backing, flatten the sheet onto the fabric and into all crevices and cracks, pull the sheet off removing the hair and you are done!

Features: Specially formulated- sticks to hair but not to itself! For Chairs, sofas, car seats, clothing, rugs, comforters, pillows or other large cloth surfaces.

Each sheet measures 23 x 35 inches and is reuseable to clean an entire room.
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Sticky Sheets Reviews

Sticky Sheets Reviews

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